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Pegasus Technology Services builds new custom websites in HTML or WordPress PHP. We also perform updates and maintenance on existing sites. We'll handle it all from start-to-finish.

Our sites include the following:

  • Responsive site design, organization, construction, and publication to the internet
  • Custom graphic art, menus, slideshows, Google maps, social media connections, and other visual elements
  • Displays for unique content like products, photos, videos, and testimonials
  • Content writing and editing
  • Search engine optimization techniques on the site's structure and content (does not include SEO around the web)
  • Form emailers for viewer inquiries

Responsive Design

Our HTML and PHP websites are "responsive". This means they move, change, and adjust based on the viewer's device size.

The site reads the viewer's device size — like desktop monitor, mobile phone, notebook and laptop — and then customizes the design layout for the device based on our coding. This ensures legible text and cohesive layout for all device widths. Responsive sites reach more viewers who are on many different devices.

A responsive design moves and flows with each width setting. You can see this in action by resizing your browser window.

Site Design & Organization

Website designs by Pegasus Technology Services begin with your choice of style, layout, colors, pictures, and fonts. If you have no particular ideas for your site, we'll produce three design mockups suitable for your industry, and you can select the one you want.

Our designs have coordinated themes with custom page banners, graphic art, slideshows, navigational buttons, popup menus, and other visual elements.

We also organize the content and set up the website structure so viewers can easily find what they need.

Type of Site — Static or Interactive

Static sites are built in HTML. They're great for small websites with unchanging content that's presented the same way to all viewers. Each page holds all content and elements on the page.

Most web developers build HTML sites at a set, unchanging width. We build responsive HTML sites that adjust the layout for the viewer's device size.

A static site is built, published to the web, and it's done. Static websites are the simplest and least expensive to produce. Updates must be made by a professional web developer.

Interactive sites are better for large websites that allow viewer activity and have frequent content updates. Their dynamic web pages offer activity and choices to the viewer — things like a user account, visual and content preferences, buying and selling products, giving reviews, ratings and feedback, and communicating on a message board.

Our interactive sites are built in WordPress PHP. They use a content management system with a database and files of code commands for various scenarios. When a viewer opens a page WordPress PHP pulls the content together from numerous files and puts it on the page according to our layout and format coding.

Users of our interactive sites can generally update standard content through an online control panel. However, many site owners prefer to have us make their updates since we add coding for special effects and to maintain the professional appearance of the site.

Interactive sites cost a little more due to their complex and larger structure. Design and page layout changes must be made by a WordPress PHP web developer.

Other Website & Internet Services:

  • Display ads, animated ads, custom maps
  • Estores and PayPal setup with catalogs, product sales, taking and processing payments
  • Search engine optimization to boost and maintain search engine rankings for new and existing sites
  • Online marketing and promotion of your site

We give Quotes for new websites.

Hourly Rate on updates & maintenance: $50 per hour

  • One-year warranty on parts and labor
  • 10% discount for nonprofits
  • $30 off your next order for a customer referral
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