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Our work works! Computer systems and networks installed by Pegasus Technology Services are reliable and dependable. We know what we’re doing! This means less down time, less frustration and less stress for you.

We're located in Flagstaff, so we're nearby and know each of our clients personally. When you call, you'll reach us rather than someone half way around the world.

Equipment Serviced

Personal computers (PCs), Apple (Macs), and operating systems. All brands of printers and other peripheral devices.

Onsite Diagnostics & Repairs

You don't have to dismantle your computer and lug it down to us. We’ll come to you, diagnose the problem and give you recommendations and an estimate to fix it. If possible, repairs will be made onsite. Some repairs must be made in our shop, and we'll pick up the equipment and deliver it back to you.

Remote Diagnostics & Repairs

By accessing your computer remotely from our office, we can diagnose, maintain and repair many situations. For you, this means we can respond and fix problems quicker, and eliminate travel costs and charges on your bill.

Consulting Services & Upgrades

We can make your transition go smoothly if you’re ready to upgrade your computer equipment and software. We'll determine equipment requirements based on your needs and uses. We'll transfer your data, files, and applications to the new system, and we'll set up all peripheral devices.

Network Installation & Maintenance

Networks are great if they work, and our installations work like they should, operating efficiently day-in and day-out. We service all types of networks — home, Windows server environments, Linux, domains, workgroups, multi-site, from small to large configurations.

Equipment Maintenance

Consistent preventative care for your equipment is highly recommended. The Arizona dust and internet spyware, adware, cookies and viruses can cripple computers, leaving them slow, sluggish or totally non-functioning. We’ll thoroughly clean the inside of the physical computer, as well as get rid of the software bugs. We’ll test your systems and the functioning of timed operations

Security & Backups

Everything on your computer is valuable, from the software programs to your data, and the labor time to produce the data. Sadly, there are lots of folks who want your data or may be using your equipment inappropriately. With proper backups, security software, settings, and systems, you can protect your equipment and data.

Custom Computers

We can design the perfect custom computer for those special uses that require more than just the average retail setup, like gaming, graphic design, data input, word processing or file storage. Custom systems include everything you need to get started, including the CPU (central processing unit), monitor, keyboard, mouse, and any requested software or other peripheral devices.

Computer Training & Support

We offer training in Windows and Linux operating systems, Microsoft Office/Open Office, basic network administration, backup systems, and security monitoring. Training can be one-on-one or a group setting. We support our work, and we're only a phone call away.

We'll give you a Quote for services, equipment and parts whenever possible.

Hourly Rates:

Business Labor and Travel 1-Way Only: $85 per hour, with a one hour minimum

Personal Labor and Travel 1-Way Only: $75 per hour, with a one hour minimum

  • One-year warranty on parts and labor
  • 10% discount for nonprofits
  • $30 off your next order for a customer referral
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