Remote page

Remote access allows Pegasus Technology Services to connect to your computer remotely from our office to yours, to run diagnostic utilities and fix the problem remotely.

Our fee for remote work is $30 per 30 minutes,
and there's a $30 minimum charge.

You'll need our technician involved before running the program below. Call us first.

Instructions for Use

1. Call us at 928.526.5747 to schedule the connection.

2. Click on the download button below.

Remote Download Button

3. Click "Save" or "Save File".

4. Select a location you will remember like your desktop, and close the download window after it has completed.

5. Navigate to the file you just saved, and double click on "pts-remote-support.exe".

6. Click “OK” at the prompt. By clicking OK you agree to allow Pegasus Technology Services to remotely view and control your computer.

7. Sit back and watch as your computer is repaired!

Our technician will uninstall and remove the remote software after completing the repairs.

Why Remote Access?

Our remote access service has many benefits.

Quicker: We can do the repairs faster without travel time.

Cheaper: We charge by the half hour rather than the hour.

Easier: You don't need to bring your computer into our office.

Educational: We see your monitor just as you do. We can train and answer your questions by interacting through your monitor.