Does the name Daniel Guermeur mean anything to you? It should. He's the founder and CEO of Das Keyboard, previously known as Metadot, and he's part of the reason why the peripheral market is now flush with mechanical keyboards. It started in 2005 when, on a mission to become a faster and more accurate typist, he created a completely blank keyboard. His idea worked, and it gave rise to the Das Keyboard, the first mass produced keyboard for the "uber geek."

A year later, Metadot came out with its second model, the Das Keyboard II (DK2), with mechanical key switches. It's hard to believe now, but mechanical keyboards weren't really a thing as recently as a decade ago, after the original classics of the '80s faded away. But the DK2 helped changed that—geeks immediately took to the keyboard's clicky key action with audible feedback, reminiscent of the old IBM Model M.

From there the market for mechanical keyboards grew, slowly at first, until more recently going full steam ahead. Now mechanical planks are all over the place with more models coming out all the time. And what of Das Keyboard? It's still in the game, having just launched its newest mechanical model, the Das Keyboard Prime 13 (just Prime 13 from here on out).

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